To get started with any Henge Docks docking station, all you will need are the cables normally used to connect your device to the MacBook. Instead of connecting the cable directly to the MacBook, however, you will be connecting to the docking station in between, which will then pass through the connection to the MacBook when docked.

If you are not sure how to do this, you should reach out to Apple to find out exactly how you would connect the device directly to your MacBook. We always recommend testing your desired setup prior to purchasing one of our docks.

The Vertical Dock passes the ports on the left side of your MacBook (Right side on the MacBook Air) directly via either removable extension cables or through ports built into the dock. If you require more ports than the MacBook natively has, you may want to consider some form of expansion such as a USB Hub or our own Tethered Dock (compatible with the 12" MacBook and the 2016/2017 MacBook Pro). 

The Horizontal Dock provides a connection to both sides of the MacBook via automated port blocks. The rear of the docking station has multiple outputs for your devices and a list of the specific ports available can be found in the Tech Spec section of the product page for that specific dock.