Henge Docks MacBook Pro docking stations include a full compliment of USB, Audio, Ethernet and, in some models, FireWire cables. Henge Docks supplies these cables to ensure a consistent fit in our docking stations since USB, Audio, Ethernet and FireWire cable heads come in many shapes and sizes.

The USB and Audio cables are three feet long and feature a female end so the user can connect their existing cables without compatibility issues. The FireWire 400 cables included with the Plastic MacBook, Version A models are three feet long and feature a male to female connector. The FireWire 800 cables included with all "Pro" model docking stations are also three feet long and feature two male ends.

The user supplies the MagSafe Power Adapter and Mini DisplayPort Adapter. If you choose to use an aftermarket adapter, we recommend combining it with a Henge Docks Mini DisplayPort extension cable (Female) to ensure compatibility with our docking station.

Also included are an instruction manual, a Hex Key to aid setup of the dock, Adapter Tools for your MagSafe Power Adapter, and set screws.