Typically, you will need a mini DisplayPort Adapter and an HDMI or DVI cable if your display did not come with one.

If you are using the non-Thunderbolt Apple Cinema Display, released in 2010, the mini DisplayPort, USB and MagSafe Power Adapter leads that come off of the display are all compatible with the docking station. 

Please note: The power lead attached to the Apple Cinema Display released in 2008 is too large to fit into the 13" and 15" Vertical Docks for the MacBook Pro w/ Retina (HD04VA13MBPR, HD04VA15MBPR) but the other connectors will work

If you are using a Thunderbolt display, the MagSafe, Thunderbolt and USB connectors are all compatible.

You have two options for input devices (keyboard and mouse), wired or wireless. For a wired or wireless setup, you can use any mouse or keyboard you wish as long as they work when directly connected to your MacBook. We recommend Apple-branded input devices to ensure compatibility. You can review all of the latest offerings directly on Apple's website and we also sell a number of Apple accessories bundled with our own products on our website (US only).

There are many different configurations possible for today's home theater system, but typically you will need a Henge Docks mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, a standard HDMI Cable, and a 3.5mm Audio to Stereo RCA connector (if your computer is not equipped to send audio from the Mini DisplayPort connector). You will also need a keyboard and mouse for this type of setup and we recommend wireless in this case so that you can control the MacBook easily from a distance. We also highly recommend putting your Apple Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard into a Clique or Clique ² for ease of use while on the couch, standing or at your desk.