It is important to read all safety information and operating instructions before using the Horizontal Dock. 

The tray which holds the MacBook in place while docking uses four-point positioning to align the MacBook to the port blocks on the Horizontal Dock. Alignment sensors, located on the dock tray, will ensure that the MacBook is properly seated and ready for docking before a connection is made. 

Be sure to check your MacBook's ports are free of debris before inserting the laptop into the Horizontal Dock. Remove any connectors, dongles or memory cards that do not fit completely flush with the side of the MacBook before using the Horizontal Dock.

The Horizontal Dock has integrated three levels of protection to prevent damage to the MacBook in the event of a port jam.

  • Software Based Jam Protection - If the dock senses excess resistance during docking, the motor will automatically reverse and retract the connectors.
  • Port Block Clutches - If the software fails or is unable to detect a jam, two clutches on each port block will release and prevent the port connectors from exerting excess pressure on the MacBook.
  • Driveline Slip gear - If the safety mechanisms above fail, a slip gear located next to the docking motor will release and stop the docking process.

Never force the MacBook into the Horizontal Dock. Do not try to pry or forcibly remove the MacBook from the dock.

Please contact us for additional questions or troubleshooting advice.