This article is for the Horizontal Docking Station 


By default, your MacBook should automatically detect that an ethernet connection is present and make all of the connections automatically. Please do not connect an ethernet cable to the dock if you plan to use Wi-Fi as this can impact the way your MacBook attempts to connect to the internet. 

If you are unable to connect to ethernet while using the Horizontal Docking Station, there are a few setting that you can easily change to resolve this issue.

First, go to your Network Settings found in your System Preferences. It should look similar to the window below:

Next, click on the "+" sign to add a new service from the Network Name drop-down. The service associated with your Horizontal Dock will be listed as Thunderbolt Ethernet Slot followed by a number. Please note that there may be slight variations to the service title as each MacBook reports differently. It is okay if it is a little different than what you see below.

*If you do not see Thunderbolt Ethernet Slot, please reach out to customer support by clicking the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page

**If you do not see Thunderbolt Bridge please make an appointment to have your MacBook serviced

Once the dock's network service has been added to your list of possible network connections, you have the option to change the order in which your MacBook will use this service. Click on the Gear Icon drop-down menu, as illustrated below, and then drag the ethernet connection to the top-most position in the list and click OK

*In the example below the default name has been changed. You are able to rename any of your services to suit your needs

Please note: The final step is not always necessary but may be helpful to establish a more reliable connection. Remember, nothing done here is permanent and you can always change it back if necessary. 

If you have followed all of the steps above successfully and your IP is not assigning an address, please contact your IT department to verify that they do not need to whitelist the MAC address of the docking station. You may also need to contact your internet service provider.

Tip: If you have multiple service options that are frequently unused, it is a good idea to remove them from your list. You can always add them back at a later time!