• If your order has been shipped, please contact the carrier directly for questions related to delivery, re-delivery, change of address, or if the package is marked as delivered and you have not yet received it.
  • Henge Docks explicitly disclaims all liability for lost or stolen packages that have been marked and confirmed as delivered so please make sure someone is available to receive the order or that it can be left in a secure area.

We are always happy to help troubleshoot and offer additional information not contained on our website or Support Portal but due to the size of our team, and the volume of support requests at any given time, we may not be able to reach out as quickly as we would like. 

  • We are not currently able to offer support over the phone due to the size of our team. 

  • All topics regarding issues with docking and undocking are covered in the User Guide, either included in the box or available digitally on our support site. 

  • If you are an existing customer and need help with your docking station, check out the Support Portal for the most common issues prior to submitting a support request. 

  • If you are not an existing customer, please browse our website and Support Portal for answers to the most common questions prior to submitting a support request. 

  • Submitting a support request for information contained on our support or main website may delay our reply to you.

  • For Reseller, Wholesale or Enterprise inquiries, please contact Wholesale@hengedocks.com
  • For all PR, marketing or review unit requests, please contact PR@hengedocks.com

If you are having a problem with your product, or need additional clarification on something, please click the Contact Us button below. 

  • Please submit only one ticket per issue. 
    • Submitting multiple tickets for the same issue will push all of your requests to the bottom of our queue and delay our reply to you. 
  • If you receive an auto-response to your inquiry, please read it in its entirety before replying. 
  • The use of threatening, demeaning, or demanding language may constitute termination of support for your product. These can include but are not limited to threatening a negative review or the use of profanity. Our job is to support our products and we are here to help. 

Did you already contact us via email or by submitting a ticket? You should have received an automatic reply within a few moments. If you did not, check your spam folder and settings to make sure you can receive our replies. In certain cases, especially with private email servers, our replies are blocked automatically due to particularly ambitious spam filters. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that. You'll want to speak with your IT department or use a different email address to contact us. 

All support emails will originate from the hengedocks.com domain.

To submit a support request, click the 'Contact Us' button located on the bottom of any article on our support site.