DockApp is designed to work with the Henge Docks Horizontal Docking Station for the mid-2012 - 2015 MacBook Pro and will have limited to no functionality with other products.

DockApp is no longer being maintained or updated

This is the release information for DockApp version 3.0.1.

Please note: DockApp 3 and higher are designed to work with macOS Sierra or higher. If you are not running Sierra, or higher, you may encounter instability.

Security Is here! 

Read down to explore all the great features of DockApp including the highly anticipated Security on Docking.

After you've docked your MacBook in your Horizontal Dock, click on the DockApp icon in your menu bar and then click the down arrow.

Security: When enabled, your MacBook will be locked in your dock only when you are not logged into your account. If your MacBook is powered off, asleep, or logged into another account (such as the Guest account) the Cycle Button on the dock will not allow removal of the MacBook. 

When you see this notification your MacBook is secured.

Please note: Be certain to keep DockApp running to ensure that Security is enabled

Note that when security is enabled, a small lock icon displays on the DockApp icon and indicates whether or not security is active.

We recommend using a Kensington Lock in tandem with the DockApp security to keep your MacBook completely secured. Don't forget to lock your User Account when you are not at your desk!

Audio: Quickly and easily switch your input and output devices. Select Sync Input/Output Device Selection if you would like the audio input and output to function on the same port (If you are using headphones with an inline mic, for example).


  • Auto-Eject Drives on Undock - Select this to have DockApp safely eject all drives prior to undocking. Currently, this feature ejects all drives (including networked drives)
  • Open on Login - Select this to have DockApp open when you log into your account 
  • Use Undock Hotkey - Select this to use the key command Ctrl + Option + U to undock your MacBook
  • Use Auto-Dock - Select this to have the dock automatically connect to your MacBook when it is placed in the dock