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The docking station includes two direct pass-through ports that replicate the functionality of the ports on the left side of your MacBook Pro. As with most of our Vertical Docking Stations, the way you would connect your devices directly to your MacBook is exactly how you would do so via the docking station.

To use the docking station, verify that your MacBook is powered on and then close the lid and slide it straight down into the dock. No pressure is required and you should never force the computer into the dock. After the computer is in position press down gently until you feel the connections being fully made. If you are unfamiliar with how to use a MacBook while the display is closed, click here.

 If you want to connect devices that don't use the USB Type-C port, you may want to consider adding a Stone Tethered Docking Station to your set up. The Stone docking station can be used by itself but makes a perfect addition to the Vertical Docking Station.

Please note: This dock comes exclusively in Space Gray.