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This is a support article for the USB-C Stone Tethered Docking Station. For our general FAQ section, click here.

Q. Why won't the USB-C port on the back of the dock connect to my display?


The USB-C port on the rear of the docking station does not support video output. Your display should always be connected to the mini DisplayPort on the docking station either directly or via an adapter. The docking station is not compatible with Thunderbolt peripherals.

Q. My MacBook is plugged into the docking station, why is not connecting to any of my peripherals?


  • Make certain that the docking station is receiving power. The easiest way to do that is by plugging a USB-A device into one of the three ports on the back. If the device powers/charges, the dock is receiving power. 
    • If the dock is not receiving power, disconnect and reconnect the power supply to the dock, the power lead connection to the power supply(the cable that connects the power supply to the wall), and the wall outlet.
  • Make certain that you are plugging the USB-C cable that connects to your MacBook into the left side of the dock. There is a USB-C port on the back of the dock that is for output only.
  • Make certain you are not using any other USB-C cable than the one the dock ships with. The USB-C cable included with the dock is USB3.1, gen 2 and has the needed bandwidth to connect the computer to the dock. Other cables may not have the needed bandwidth, including the USB-C cable that came with the MacBook which is not designed for high-speed data transfer.

Q. The docking station worked fine yesterday but now it's not


Occasionally, your MacBook may have difficulty 'seeing' some of the connected devices on the docking station. There are a number of reasons that this could happen and the easiest fix is to perform the following steps, in order:

  • Disconnect your MacBook from the docking station
  • Disconnect the power from the docking station
  • Wait for about five seconds
  • Reconnect power and then reconnect your computer
  • All connected devices should now be working correctly (for ethernet issues, you may need to wait up to twenty seconds before the connection is reestablished)

If that does not resolve the connectivity issues, you should also reboot your computer

Q. Can I use an eGPU with Stone?


No. Stone is a USB device and external graphics cards connected to a MacBook require Thunderbolt 3. The Vertical Docking Station is currently the only docking station we manufacture that will support an eGPU.

Q. Will the Stone docking station work with anything other than a MacBook?


Stone should be compatible with any computer that has a USB-C port available. This would include the current-gen MacBook and MacBook Pro as well as the latest iMac. Please note that while it should work with non-Apple computers, we do not test or ensure compatibility with non-Apple computers.

Q. How do I connect dual displays?


The USB-C version of Stone will only output to a single display as USB technology does not provide enough bandwidth to support dual displays in this way. Any additional displays you wish to use will need to be connected to your computer directly or via adapters.

Q. Why won't the audio port on the back of the dock work?


Make certain you have selected that you wish to use that port in your macOS audio settings. Plug in your speakers or headphones and you're all set!

Q. I live outside of North America and was sent the wrong power cable!


The Stone docking station ships with a standard North American (Type-B) power lead. To use the docking station outside of North America you have two options:

  • Replace the power lead that connects the PSU to the wall outlet
  • Use a wall adapter

The PSU uses a standard IEC C5 lead, sometimes called a Clover Leaf, which are available from most online retailers that sell electronics and are generally priced affordably.

The power supply itself is compatible with any input voltage between 100-240V

Q. I'm having an issue with the ethernet


Depending on how your computer is configured, you may require a driver to utilize the built-in networking capabilities of the docking station. Click here and then download and run the macOS driver. Prior to downloading this, we recommend disconnecting your computer from the docking station and rebooting as that usually resolves any connectivity issues.

Q. The dock seems very warm, is this normal?


The docking station should only be operated in an environment where the ambient temperature is between 10° and 35° C (50° and 95° F). 

The operating temperature of the docking station is between 27° and 40° C (80° and 105° F). The docking station radiates heat passively and does not require additional cooling. As the operating temperature of a MacBook Pro is typically greater than 40° C there is no way that heat from the docking station could affect the performance or longevity of the connected computer.

Q. Is the docking station compatible with older MacBooks?


The Stone Tethered Docking Station is designed to work specifically with computers that have USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports. Connecting legacy MacBooks and MacBook Pros via adapters will not work.

Q. How could the issue I am having with Stone be with my MacBook!? Its brand new!


We know it seems silly to include this but it does bear mentioning. The age of a product has no real connection to its ability to fail or have problems in general. There are many reasons, including those that are unknown, that could cause undesired behavior with the Stone docking station. From software that is able to control external devices to something as simple as a hardware failure. Please keep that in mind when troubleshooting issues.

If you are having any issues not covered here, please connect all of your devices, including the MacBook, to the docking station and generate a system report. Click below to submit a support ticket and be sure to include the system report as an attachment in your submission.