If you’ve visited our website, you’ve certainly seen images of our docking stations connected to a single, large display. We get messages daily asking what the brand and model of these displays are.



These are known as Ultrawide displays and there are a number of reasons you should retire your old multi-display setup in favor of a single display.


Let’s talk about productivity. Chances are, you’ve seen numerous articles touting the benefits of using, at the least, a dual display setup. The primary reason for this is screen real estate. More space means less minimizing, maximizing, and command-tabbing between active windows.

The thing is… more displays don't intrinsically mean more space. If you’re using two displays with low resolutions, you’re not truly maximizing your space and you’re still wasting time flipping between application windows. Additionally, some computers (yes, I’m looking at you, MacBook Air) only have a single video port.


Enter the Ultrawide: With one display, you are able to virtually gain two, or even three, displays in a single, space-saving form factor. Paired with an application for managing windows, such as Moom, you can keep all of your applications open, side by side, and move between them with ease.



In addition to having more room to work, you also get more room to play. Modern games look fantastic and the scale of the display offers a truly immersive experience. Also, because this display is 21:9, you’ll be watching movies the way they were meant to be shown, with no annoying black bars on the top and bottom of the image.


Lastly, let’s talk about cost. As with most computer displays, the price point ranges widely from $200 to well over $1000. If you look at a one-to-one comparison, however, you’ll see that purchasing one display that does the job of two is incredibly cost-effective.


Our belief is that the Ultrawide is the future of the traditional workspace. Don’t take our word for it, though, go check them out! There are over 100,000 reviews of Ultrawide displays on YouTube and the consensus is resounding: Get one.