Start here for any issues or questions related to the current-gen Vertical Docking Station.                              

This is a support article for the Vertical Docking Station compatible with the current-gen MacBook Pro. For our general FAQ section, click here.

Q. How do I power on the computer when my MacBook Pro is docked?


The design of the MacBook Pro prevents powering it on while closed. We recommend keeping it powered on at all times when using the docking station and performing a reboot instead of powering off. If you need to power off the MacBook Pro, you will need to remove it from the docking station to power it back on.

Q. How do I access the Touch ID when my MacBook Pro is docked?


There is no way to access the Touch ID while the MacBook Pro is closed. The computer will detect that the lid is closed and will not prompt you to use the Touch ID in lieu of a password.

Q. How do I connect devices such as an external display, keyboard, and mouse?


To figure out if you have everything you need to use the Vertical Docking Station, close your MacBook Pro and determine how you would connect all of your desired peripherals through the two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the left side of the computer. Keep in mind that to use a MacBook when closed requires the following:

  • Power
  • External display
  • keyboard/mouse (wired or wireless)

You may also need some type of adapter to make the computer compatible with legacy peripherals and/or to provide port expansion. Our Stone docking station was designed with that in mind and will provide power, USB expansion, and a direct video passthrough that supports most standard HD display or even 4K @30Hz. That can be connected directly to the MacBook or through the Vertical Docking Station.

Q. I have the Stone Tethered Docking Station. How do I make it work with the Vertical Docking Station?


To use Stone with the Vertical Docking Station, connect all of your peripherals and power to Stone, and then connect the single USB-C cable from the left side of Stone to either of the ports on the rear of the Vertical Docking Station.