If you are having any issues connecting peripherals to your Horizontal Docking Station, please perform the following steps prior to reaching out to support:

  1. Remove the MacBook from the dock, power it off, and reset the NVRAM by following the steps provided here
    Disconnect all peripherals from the dock
    Disconnect the docking station from the power supply
  2. Disconnect power from your peripheral devices, specifically any external displays you are using, for about 30 seconds
  3. After you have reconnected power to your external displays:
    1. Reconnect your peripherals, beginning with your displays, from right to left (e.g. the monitor plugged into the Mini Display Port, then the Thunderbolt, etc)
    2. Reconnect the power lead to the docking station
    3. Dock your MacBook

In the event of power loss in your area, please refer to the User Guide for instructions on how to manually remove the computer from the docking station.