Click here for help getting your Stone docking station up and running                         

The Stone Tethered Docking Station should work with virtually any peripheral you can connect to it, however, please note the following:


· Stone is a USB device which means it is not compatible with any Thunderbolt display or peripheral

· Stone will output to a single display (up to 4K resolution) via the mini DisplayPort connection, highlighted here:


· If you haven’t already, please refer to the FAQ section for Stone, located here.


If the information above does not help, please perform the following:


· Confirm that you have Stone connected correctly to your MacBook. The MacBook must be connected to the port on the left side of the docking station (when looking at the dock from the front this will be the only port on the left). Also, make certain that you are using the USB-C cable that came with Stone as other USB-C cables may not have the required bandwidth.

· If your MacBook is connected to the correct port (left side) on the docking station, and you are using the provided USB-C cable, unplug all cables connected to Stone, restart your computer, and then reconnect everything in this order:

1. Power

2. USB-C (on the side of Stone and into your computer)

3. Display

4. Any additional connections


If this does not resolve the issues you are experiencing, generate a System Report, making certain to generate it only after everything is connected to the docking station. To generate a System Report, Click the  at the top left corner of your screen and, while holding down the Option key, click System Information. On the System Report screen that opens, click File -> Save. Once you have done that, click below to contact us and select Support for my Tethered Docking Station as your request type. Fill in all of the required details, describe the problems you are having in as much detail as possible, and don't forget to attach the System Report to your submission. 


Please note:

Submitting a support request will not automatically create a support ticket, you must reply to the auto-response that is sent to your email. In this specific instance, the auto-reply will probably contain the above information. There is no need to restate your request when you reply but you must reply or a support ticket will not be created.