Before starting update, we recommend  any USB harddrives or SSDs be properly ejected and unplugged from Stone. Please follow each step of the update procedure. 

Update Procedure

  1. Run updater executable as Administrator.
  2. Remove any miniDP cables or adapters connected to Stone.
  3. Power cycle Stone, by pulling the power cord and replacing it.
  4. In Parallels, from the Menu Bar >  Devices > External Devicesselect the "Henge Docks Stone" (yours may not have a number like the image below). 
  5. The DOCK Firmware Update Tool should recognize Stone, Click the "Run ISP" to start the update. 
    1. NOTE: Do not disconnect the power during this process.  
  6. The update takes several minutes. If the updater tool stops on the following screen (bottom bar at 50%), pull the USB-C cable from your MacBook, wait several seconds, replace the cable.
  7. When installation completes. The progress bar will say 100% and the status screen will say update completed. Click Exit
  8. At this point you need to remove Stone from parallels. In the top bar, click Device > External Devices > and unclick Henge Docks Stone
  9. Power cycle Stone by removing the USB-C and the Power cables from Stone, and replacing in this order:
    1. Power
    2. USB-C to computer
    3. mini DP
    4. Everything else

Problems or Issues

In event of failure to update, tool crashes or hangs, or cables becoming unplugged, close the updater tool and start at Step 1 of the procedure above. If you run into problems, please contact support.