To check the status of your order, make certain that you are on the correct version of the website (USA for orders based in the US, EU for European orders, etc) and then click the account iconlocated on any page on and log in. 

From the page that loads, locate the order number you wish to view and then look to the Fulfillment Status column. If the order notes that it has been fulfilled, you can then click into the order to access the tracking number. 

If the order does not indicate it has been fulfilled then the order has not yet shipped and no tracking information will be available.

If your order has not shipped:

  • One or more items is most likely not in stock. Henge Docks does not partially fulfill orders so even if certain items on your order are in stock, nothing on the order will ship until everything is available. This includes orders that contain a pre-ordered item. 

  • If you would prefer not to wait for in-stock items, please request an order cancelation by clicking the blue Contact Us button at the bottom of any article and then selecting Request Order Cancelation from the drop-down menu. You will then need to place at least two distinct orders; one for items that are in stock and one for items that are not.

If you have any questions or problems with this process, please click the blue Contact Us button located at the bottom of any article to submit a support request.