Looking for coupons? We’ll save you some time!

We don’t like hunting around the internet and jumping through hoops to get the best price on the things we buy, either, so we keep our pricing simple.

Coupons - We have no active public coupons and any coupon issued would be single-use only. If you see a coupon posted to a deal site, it's probably fake or has already been used.

Sales - We typically run a single, multi-product sale per year; usually in November and December. If there is a sale running, we definitely want you to know. It won't be a secret that requires you to reach out to us or one of those add items to your cart to 'reveal' the price situations. We'll advertise on our website and run social media ads (so definitely follow us!). 

Preorder Pricing - The largest discounts we typically offer are on new product preorders. We offer preorder pricing as a thank you to our early adopters due the often variable release schedule for new products.