Click here for information about updating the firmware on your Stone docking station.     

STONE Pro (Thunderbolt 3) firmware updates

There are no STONE Pro firmware updates available; All units are running the most current version.

STONE (USB-C) firmware updates 

The firmware update should only be used if you are experiencing display or power issues. For any other issue, please contact support first.

Click the icon below to download the Stone Firmware Updater, then follow the steps to open the updater.

  1. Open the Stone Firmware Updater application
    1. Hold down the control ^ key and click the updater application
    2. Select Open from the drop down menu
    3. Click Open in the MacOS security prompt dialogue box
  2. Follow along with the prompts in the updater

• For instructions on opening an app from an unidentified developer, see this Apple Support article.

Please note: This firmware is compatible with all current MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

This software is designed to work with macOS only