Answers to most common questions

Will a Henge Docks docking station cause my MacBook to overheat?
There is no way for any Henge Docks product to cause your MacBook to overheat. Additionally,
I have the new MacBook Pro and don't know how to connect my existing peripherals
The most common user experience requested is the ability to connect an external display and a
Dual Displays: A waste of space?
If you’ve visited our website, you’ve certainly seen images of our docking stations connected
Thunderbolt 3 versus USB-C; What is the difference?
This is a great question because not only are there ways they can work together, there are als
How do I order a replacement part?
We offer replacement packs for the most commonly misplaced items. We currently ship these t
Do I need to eject my external drives before removing my MacBook from the docking station?
You will always need to eject any connected drives prior to undocking your MacBook or you risk
Will a docking station work with Windows?
We do not design or test our products to work with the Windows operating system and cannot gua
What colors are available for the docking stations?
ProductColorStone Tethered Docking StationSpace Gray Vertical Docking Station for the 2016 -
Discounts and Coupons
Looking for coupons? We’ll save you some time! We don’t like hunting around the inte
Support for legacy products
Henge Docks no longer manufactures docking stations for MacBook and MacBook Pro computers rele